David Alnwick is a writer, magician and actor with a passion for using magic to tell scary stories.

After graduating from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in 2010 with a (BA) Acting degree, he travelled to the Edinburgh Fringe festival and performed his first show. Over a decade later, David has performed sixteen one-man shows, three national tours, and one TV Special.

In 2013, David co-wrote his first horror play debuting at the Edinburgh Fringe festival the same year. In 2019, David's one-man show 'Actual Magic' explored the affect Alzheimer’s disease had on his relationship with his grandfather. The show became a word-of-mouth hit, with full houses for the entire three-week run, receiving rave reviews.

‘The magic does not feel forced but is an essential element of the narrative… a perfectly constructed and flawlessly performed magic show.’ ★★★★★ - World Magic Review

‘Actual Magic takes us on a journey… the show is a triumph.’ 
★★★★ - Broadway Baby

‘What started out as a funny, clever magic show became a loving tribute.’ ★★★★ - Deadline News

During the covid pandemic, David performed an online show via the Nottingham Theatre Royal. ‘Ethereal Magic’ sold out its opening weekend and streamed live to audiences around the world.

‘I walked away (from Ethereal Magic) feeling as though I’d seen something new. Something different… When watching magic, you don’t always get that feeling’ - MagicSeats

In August 2021, David performed an extended preview run of his new show ‘Nightmare Magic’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and then again in October as part of London Horror Festival.

‘Both the magic and the acting were on top form, and I was completely mesmerised throughout the entire performance. The weaving of Lovecraft mythos into the tales added an extra chill factor, which I very much enjoyed.’ – London Horror Festival

‘Alnwick has reached a point in his career where he could coast on the formidable skill set that earned him his reputation and probably still cause daily stampedes for a spot in his shows. But Nightmare Magic shows that he has instead chosen to innovate, pushing his own boundaries and the boundaries of magic as a genre.’  ★★★★★ - World Magic Review

Really well done... thoroughly enjoyed it... Really impressive work’ - Andy Nyman

‘Nightmare Magic’ is a ghost story told using magic and will be back at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2022.